Demand for electricians

The electrician profession has been a state-recognized training profession that lasts 3-4 years. The electrical contractors in Huntsville, AL training is dual: it consists of both practical experience in a company and theory lessons in a vocational school. The training is structured according to the principle of mono professions. This means that you decide on an area of ​​application right from the start.In the first and second year of training, trainees learn everything to do with circuits and cables. In addition, they are already installing the first components during this time. After an intermediate examination, the third year of training continues with specialization in one subject.

Automation technology

As an electronics technician for automation technology, one deals with complex automation systems that are set up and expanded. Typical areas of work for this specialization are the manufacture of industrial equipment for process control technology, electrical installation or work in companies that use automation solutions.

Energy and building technology

The focus in this area is on electrical systems and components, circuits, automation systems and control units. The training focuses on mathematical knowledge as well as IT knowledge. Of course, energy technology also plays an important role, since you are always dealing with electricity.

Information and telecommunications technology

Trainees in information and telecommunication technology deal with the planning and installation of communication and security systems. This includes telephone and alarm systems as well as surveillance systems. Therefore, a lot of technical knowledge is required to assemble, repair and be able to use these systems.

Electronics technicians are in great demand, especially in the current shortage of skilled workers. Because the electrician profession is currently on the list of shortage professions. The trained electrician has various options, from building management, electrical installation, automation technology to mechanical engineering.

Due to the daily handling of highly complicated and often very modern systems and technologies, electronics technicians also have to keep themselves up to date. The job is also very dynamic and constantly evolving.

After completing the training, there are many different opportunities for further training. Electronics technicians can specialize in different directions. It is also possible, for example, to attend a higher technical college and be trained as a technician or to go to one with a university degree in the direction of electrical engineering or computer engineering.However, there are many opportunities for those interested, especially in the field of electrics. As a result of the shortage, the salaries for trained specialists are also rising and the career opportunities are diverse. The electrician profession is definitely a profession with a future.

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