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However as these devices are equipped with specific technology to optimize their performance, a high electrical power does not always correspond to a high level of performance commercial carpet cleaning services in Cincinnati.

As we have seen and will also see later, there are several factors that contribute to making a product efficient. Therefore it is important to look at the technical data relating to power and power supply, but always considering them in an overall picture that allows you to judge the real functionality of the washer-dryer you are interested in.


Let’s now move on to the third decisive factor that in our opinion should be taken into consideration when choosing a scrubbing machine for floors, that is the one inherent to the technology of the product . One thing to keep an eye on is certainly what concerns the capacity of the tanks , which as mentioned are two: one for clean water and one for dirty water. The functioning of the appliance and its autonomy certainly depend on these.

Manufacturers sometimes indicate the autonomy of work with a value in square meters: this can help to understand if a product can meet your needs.

Those who have a large apartment will have to opt for a model with considerable autonomy, so as not to have to interrupt the cleaning session and empty or refill the tanks with a certain frequency. On the contrary, those who have a small house can be satisfied with a model with limited autonomy.

It is also interesting to note which scrubbers allow the use of hot water in the tank : this is almost always possible, but there are also models that independently take care of bringing the water to an ideal temperature for washing the floors.

Sometimes it is possible to find LEDs on the machine that indicate the quantity of liquid presentand warn when the time has come to intervene to add clean water or empty the dirty one. In some cases it is possible to find specific lights able to signal even when an object is blocking the suction channel, preventing the correct functioning of the washing rollers.

Being also vacuum cleaners , most of the models on the market are also equipped with a filtration system both to protect the motor from any residues that could damage it and to retain the dust avoiding reintroducing it into the air. Anyone with severe allergies or with pets in the house should always pay attention to this aspect as well.

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