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What are the different kinds of vape?

You will know the term vape juice and how to make one. Other people are having confusion about what is vape juice. It is also known as e-liquid to smoke by using a vape device. The e-juice is the liquid that is used to produce the vapor that is inhaled by the person during the session. You can visit the riot squad for more choices.

For the vapor to be produced, the e-juice needs to go through an atomizer which is the heating element. It is also the same as a drop of water that is placed in a hot pan. The drop vaporizes because of the high temperatures. When it vaporizes, the vapor itself is smoke but it has a different component from the smoke.

The word vaping is slang for vaporizing. It is the way of inhaling the vapor from an e-juice by using an accessory or a vape.

The vaporizer is a handheld device. You can easily carry or fit it into a pocket or bag. It also has different kinds of forms, sizes, shapes, and colors. It will depend on the vaper’s choice.

The design of the vaporizers is the same as the shape and size of a cigarette. But some have the same look as a regular cigarette. Other vape looks like a remote control or a shape of a lighter. It is designed to allow it to fit inside your pocket and you can easily carry them.

Disposable vape

What are the basic parts of a vape?

It has four parts which are:


It is a small heating section and where the magic happens. It comes in other forms: cartomizers, clearomizers. The only difference is how the e-liquid is contacted by the heater. All the heaters can perform the same purpose and its principle.


It is the brain of the vape. It gives the order to charge the heater to heat the e-liquid.


It gives the power that is needed to heat up the atomizer.

Tank or cartridge

It is the part that holds the e-liquid by being vaped.

Disposable vape

Different kinds of vapes

Vape pen

It comes in a cylindrical pen like a normal pen and has different styles. The size of the vape pen is larger and has a powerful battery that is having huge clouds. These vape accessories became famous back in the 2000s. When they find the strong battery capacity, the microchip in the battery, and application of atomizers. This pen can give a wonderful vaping experience.


The device looks like the shape of any regular cigarette. The goal is to look as they are smoking the same. And to motivate a change from smoking to vaping. This cig-a-like is very easy to use. It consumes less e-juice to bring powerful clouds, a fuss-free vaporizer and it is portable.

Pod Mod

It has a smaller wattage and is known to use nicotine-based e-juice. It is a better version of the cig-a-like and has vaping accessories for cigarette smoking. It is best for smokers that are testing out vaping. It is easy to use for an easy change from smoking to vaping.

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