Scandinavian Home Design – Give Your Home a Minimalistic Elegant Look

Scandinavian Home Design – Give Your Home a Minimalistic Elegant Look

White walls, modern furniture, wooden floors, and minimalist décor – is that something you want to have as your internet home décor. If yes, you might be inclined towards the Scandinavian aesthetic. It doesn’t only include the furniture you buy from IKEA but more than that. scandinavian home design is well-known for its natural materials, clean lines, and minimalism. It is a “no-nonsense” style that mainly focuses on form and function with the use of monochromatic art, cozy textiles, and greenery to liven up the space.

Achieving a Scandinavian home design look is not as simple and easy as it may sound. All the components must work in synchronization to create a simple yet elegant living space. In order to comply with the design, a sense of “hygge” (pronounced hoo-ga) must be maintained.

Elements of Scandinavian design

scandinavian home design

The main elements of Scandinavian design constitute simplicity, functionality, and craftsmanship. While some items have traditional patterns or bright colors, most have a minimalistic appearance.

Some major characteristics of the design are the following:

  • Minimalistic aesthetic
  • Lighted or neutral colors
  • Simple design following function
  • Muted and dark hues so that you can remind of Nordic landscapes
  • Decorative and statement pendant lights
  • Flexible and multifunctional designs
  • Tactile fabrics and plush sofas
  • Airy and light-filled areas
  • Hanging plants and greenery
  • Steel, copper, or brass accents
  • Artworks as focus

The popularity of Scandinavian designs

Scandinavian home design is one of the most popular designs all over the world because of its minimalist aesthetic and traditional craftsmanship. Simple and beautiful, the Nordic style suits modern living spaces the best. A few well-chosen items can make a huge difference in the way your home looks.

Where can you find interior designers?

Interior designing is not an easy job and requires experts and specialists to do the deed. 96 interior in Singapore can help you transform your home into something extraordinary the way you like it. The company’s main focus is designing thoughtful interiors to bring out comfort and functionality without compromising the beauty. Besides interior design, the company also avails space planning, residential renovation (HDB, condos, landed), and commercial renovation.

You might be wondering why you should choose 96 interior for home design over the other options you have. Well, here are some reasons:

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So, what are you waiting for? Change the interior design of your home if you need change, and you know where to find help.

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