The Risk Associated With Sports Knee Surgery Singapore

Knee pain makes it hard to walk and run. Knee pain can be occurred by standing for a long time, sitting in a leg cross position for a long time, excess weight of the person, playing a sport. If there is swelling or more pain in the knee area then the person should consult the doctor. The surgeons can treat the sports knee surgery singapore in a well and effective manner.

Types of knee replacement surgery

  • Total knee replacement: Both sides of the knee joint gets replaced. The surgery took 2-3 hours and a scar might develop at the surgery part. After this surgery, a person may feel less pain.
  • Partial knee replacement: In this process, one side of the knee joint got replaced. The incision is small in this surgery. This surgery protects the person as less blood loss will occur, less risk of infection is there.

The risk associated with the surgery

Every surgery includes risks that may or may not affect the person. The following are the risk associated with the surgery:

  • Infection might occur after the surgery.
  • There is a probability of a blood clot in the leg.
  • The fracture can also be faced by the person.
  • Weakness and low or high blood pressure might be faced by the person.
  • Scar tissue may develop and a person may not be able to walk properly.
  • The kneecap might be dislocated.
  • Another surgery is required if the knee replacement become loose and if there is an infection in that area.

Recovery after the surgery

A person will be hospitalized for 2-4 days after knee surgery. After the surgery, the next day the hospital staff will encourage the patient to start walking slowly. Physiotherapy should be taken by the patient so that they can walk early and pain can be reduced. Recovery can also be done at home. Around 3-4 months will be taken by the person to recover fully and walk properly without having pain. At home, the patients are asked to take a few medications such as painkillers, iron, and calcium to recover quickly.

A sports knee surgery singapore will help the person to recover quickly. Singapore provides the best service to their patients and helps them to recover fast. There is some risk associated with the surgery but it can be cured by some medications. People should play sports carefully because the high risk of damage to the body part can be caused by playing sports.

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