Types Of Pedicure Services That You Need

Women do love manicures and pedicures. They don’t want to skip the weekend without pampering at a salon with their favorite manicurist and pedicurist. But, usually, people take a pedicure rather than a manicure. Why? Most of them worked outdoors, which can easily damage the nail polish. But, not all are taking nail polish, requested not put it.

The pedicures in Arlington, TX offer different services you must know for you to determine which one you need.

Types of pedicure services

One of the relaxing and beautifying spa treatments that fit your budget is a pedicure. While reserving some other spa treatments for special occasions, a pedicure is the best option. Whether looking for a first spa treatment to pamper for an hour with a friend after a difficult week, a pedicure is included on your top to-do list during the weekend.

But, many pedicure types are available in the spas and nail salons to choose from. Do you know which is best for you? Take a quick look at how the most popular types of pedicure are performed to narrow down your options and choose an ideal treatment for yourself.

  • Basic pedicure. It is the simplest package, which is a great start for you. There are common pedicure steps involved:
  • soaking your feet
  • trimming and filing nails
  • pushing back and cleaning cuticles
  • exfoliating and hydrating the feet

A base coat is applied, two coats of your choice of polish color, and the top coat.

  • Mini Pedicure. When feeling pressed, get this mini pedicure or sometimes called express pedicure. It gives many same treatments as the basic pedicure but in a compressed timeframe. Foot hydration and exfoliation are skipped. But, the nails are cleaned, filed, clipped, and polished to look their best, even in just a little time.
  • Spa pedicure. When planning to expand your pedicure repertoire, spa pedicure is an obvious option. Many steps of this type of pedicure are the same process as the basic package. But, a few extra perks are added to help the feet look their best and relaxed, including:
  • hydrating mask
  • warm towel wrap
  • aromatic exfoliating scrub
  • Paraffin pedicure. A warm paraffin wax treatment is performed, yet it depends on the spa that the foot is wrapped in a paraffin slipper or a warm paraffin wax foot bath. The wax smooths and softens the skin and is perfect for preventing hard summer callouses or dry winter skin.

There are more types of pedicure services to choose from, are you interested to learn them more?

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