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iso 9001 singapore is a very recognised quality management system in the world. For this, there is a special course which involves a 1-day internal training for auditor training. This is a very useful course for those who want to pursue this field. In this course, all the requirements of iso 9001 are taken care of. In a country like Singapore where jobs are very difficult to get, having an extra credit course certificate is always an advantage. With the help of this course, the students will get to learn a lot about the internal auditor’s work and process as well as understand the requirements or changes in iso. One will be able to get the fundamental knowledge and learn skills that are useful in conducting an internal audit. When the course ends the participants will be able to perform the audit with all the requirements.

What is Iso 9001?

Along with being the most recognised Quality Management System in the world it also aims to help institutions meet the necessities of the customers and other stakeholders additionally by assembling a framework where they ensure the provision of goods and services are of consistent quality.

iso 9001 singapore

Why should one attend the special course for training?

Having a proper certification in this course makes it easier for organizations to work. With the help of trained professionals who have experience in audits and more knowledge about the system, then they can work towards the betterment of customers. In this course, they are trained according to the demands and standards of the system. They are also given a list of requirements needed. Those who are human resource managers, middle managers, functional heads and designated mentors for audits must attend this course and learn from it.

What is taught in the courses?

There are two modules in the course and they have been divided accordingly. In the first module, people learn about the introduction and overview of the course along with terms, definitions, principles of an audit, meaning and more about the audit program, as well as the workflow of conducting an audit. Lastly, the strategy and tips to conduct a good audit along with practical examples. Module 2 continues with generic and specific changes along with MCQ and syndicated tests and exercises.

To conclude, this program is very important for those who are in high-level management positions in various companies. This course not only teaches them about the audits but also gives practical examples according to the standards, changes and requirements of QMS.

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