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All you need to know about IBM services: The History

IBM is a technology services provider based in New York, USA. They provide services in the Computer science industry. IBM is currently a multiservice provider offering services in the software industry. Services offered by IBM global include cloud computing, cybersecurity, e-commerce, hybrid cloud, blockchain, artificial intelligence, application services, and analytics services. IBM technology also deals in IT infrastructure businesses. The name IBM stands for International Business Machines Corporation. They offer numerous services, including IBM Hosting, which is among their best.

History of IBM

They started as an American computer manufacturer from the United States and abroad. It was 1911 when IBM was a mother company of three other smaller companies that dealt in manufacturing cardboard tube elaters and other office products. Thomas Watson was the man under whose leadership IBM became the biggest service provider of its early days. The company assumed its present name in 1924 IBM. IBM became the leading American manufacturer of 3 tubular card systems used by governments and private businesses. When Watson took over the company, IBM moved forward in 1933 towards the purchase of electromatic typewriters incorporation. IBM was again close to creating its history with this business deal by becoming an industry leader.

IBM hosting

They also contributed in difficult times like World war 2, where they manufactured high-speed electromechanical calculators, which are also considered the ancestors of electronic computers. However, IBM as a firm received the setback when they were restricted from the production of these processing systems until 1952. As America was approaching 1960, IBM was the only company behind the production of 70% of the world’s computers. IBM was also behind some great inventions like the floppy disc, the UPC barcode, dynamic random access memory, the automated teller machine also known as ATM, the hard disk drive, the SQL language, the magnetic stripe card, and the relational database.  IBM is currently headquartered in New York, the United States. It has got a nickname also inspired from its headquarters place, namely ‘Colossus of Armonk.

IBM as a company believes in research. Presently, IBM research stands as the largest industrial research organization globally. Their network of research labs constitutes 12 labs on 6 different continents. IBM has been a leading service provider in the open-source initiative. 5 IBM employees, Leo Isaki, Gerd Binning, and Heinrich Rohrer, received the Nobel prize in 1973 for their work in semiconductors. IBM employees George Bednarz and Alex Muller also received the Nobel prize in 1987 for their research in superconductivity. IBM cloud computing services include infrastructure software air and platform-based service models. IBM Softlayer has a track record of serving 81000 services for more than 26000 customers holding 80% of the US market apart from software. IBM also provides services in hardware which includes power microprocessors, secure and blue encryption hardware.

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