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Refillable CBD Vs. Disposable CBD – Making the Right Choice

Trend of vaping now has taken off across world in past some years. If you want to vape CBD, then you will come across two primary options. Refillable and Disposable cbd vape pens, both the vape forms are affordable and easy to buy. But, let us check them out in detail:

Refillable CBD Pens

Refillable CBD pens are expensive and have to be refilled regularly by adding CBD concentrates and E-liquid to its reservoir. Some can take both the forms but need to ensure you go through the instructions properly with the device as some vape pens will take just one or other. The pens cost a bit more upfront, however will save you some money in a long-run by having to purchase concentrates or liquids instead of the new device every time you finish it.

The refillable pod vapes also are one option available in this category. Although they’re made for vaping nicotine & not shaped like pen, these mini CBD vapes can also be used for vaping as they are discreet and simple to use.


  • Much cheaper
  • No charging required
  • No need to load e-liquid
  • Smaller and convenient size


  • Limited puffs before throwing it out
  • Wastes vape oil once its battery dies before oil does
  • Expensive over a long term

Buying CBD Vape Pen Online

Disposable CBD Pen

These CBD pens have got battery, atomizer as well as come pre-loaded with the cannabidiol e-juice. Such pens are made to be convenient. You do not have to worry of charging this device, replacing the burnt out coils, and refilling its reservoir. You just have to start vaping once you get your product & toss this out when empty. They are much cheaper than refillable CBD vape pen but can cost more in a long-run.

The disposable CBD pens are practical alternative for CBD cartridges & pods, as they do not need any kind of investment of buying the battery and compatible pod system. They’re draw-activated that means it produces vapor when you’re puffing and no buttons to check out.


  • Cost less upfront
  • Not to be charged


  • Not eco-friendly
  • Cartridge can’t be changed

Once you start shopping for the first vape pen, you will come across many different kinds of the vaporizer devices to select from. Actually, not all are vape pens–it is just one style of vaporizer. Some examples of the vaporizer devices are:

  • PC modules
  • Disposables
  • Vape pens
  • Different shapes and sizes of vaporizers

Vape pens are a highly popular & practical vaporizer. They provide much better vape compared to the disposable and the ability. Biggest choice you have to make among the vape pens is: disposable and reusable. There’re some reasons why some vapers choose one over the other, ultimately there’s the clear winner: it is reusable vaporizers. Pros strongly outweigh its cons hence our choice is quite obvious.


Normally, disposable CBD vape pens are made to make it simple for beginners to experience this joy of vaping. But, pro users use the disposable vapes.

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