Alteration of different processes

Alteration of different processes

The covid-19 has made its mark all over the world. The huge impact created by the virus is not going to be turned off anytime sooner but already there have been several changes in the way we live and how businesses operate. In the wake of this, many laws have been altered that will be beneficial for future generations to come. As the world is changing rapidly, it needs quick and spontaneous laws that will provide a better solution of the highest quality.

There are laws for every other subject and many people are unaware of most of them. Especially when it comes to animals, people are mostly blind to what they are about to face. The cruelty among animals is on the rise and people are to be blamed for that. It is important to note that the law does not spare any individual and it is crucial to respect the animals as they are also one of the primary habitats. Abraham Lincoln had envisioned the need for animal laws when he said, ‘I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights’.

Animals Act

  1. Animal cruelty is everywhere being it dogs, cows, or any other. To put an end to it, the government passed many laws. One of the prominent laws is ‘The Prevention of Cruelty Animals Act’. This act has been forwarded and altered many years from 1960, 1979, 1986, and so on. This act has defined the term and has enhanced what the punishments are.
  2. It is a basic human value and mannerism to respect all the living creatures. When an animal is tortured, the offender is liable to pay a fine and if the cruelty continues, the offender will not be allowed to have any animal in their life again.
  3. There is also the Wildlife Protection Act which respects and secures the life of the wild animals from the offenders.
  4. This act mainly restricts the sacrifice of the animals and it strictly disallows any damage done to any of the wild creatures.
  5. If any person wants to keep a bird, they have to take the consent of the act and other permissions.
  6. The main problem in the country is the slaughter of animals. These innocent animals are treated brutally and are taken cold-blooded tests that prove to be extremely hazardous to the lives of the animals as well as the people.Even with several threatens; these activities are continuing to persist.

There is a huge need for these laws to be made even stricter so that the general population will be aware of the laws and will behave accordingly. This act was renamed as ‘Indian Animal Welfare Act’ in 2011 to be with the changing times and it makes a huge difference in the knowledge that people have on the acts and laws.

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