Wisdom Tooth Surgery

How Is Wisdom Tooth Surgery Singapore Style Performed?

Wisdom tooth is the name given to the, teeth that grow behind the pre molars and molars. These teeth do not grow in a normal manner or with symmetty to the rest of the set, this is why they can often be extremely painful and are removed as soon as they grow. The surgery to remove a wisdom tooth, is one of the most common in the world of oral care. It is a simple procedure, that is performed by even the most basic of dentists, a couple hundred times a month. A wisdom tooth surgery singapore style is the most basic one and considered to be the safest by dentists, all across the world. This is why most dentists perform this only.

wisdom tooth surgery singapore

The risks, steps, precautions; all you need to know about wisdom tooth removal surgery.

The steps of a wisdom tooth removal surgery are pretty basic. Keep reading this article and below you shall find out the basic steps that make up a wisdom tooth surgery Singapore style.

  • The first and the foremost step is to introduce anesthesia to the patient. An anesthesia, makes a particular area, where it is administered, all sore so that the patient does not feel anything that happens to that part. This is the most important step since it prevents the patient from feeling any pain.
  • Secondly, an incision is made, at the sight of the tooth where the doctor sees the wisdom tooth growing.
  • As the third step, the bone that obstructs a doctor’s scalpel and does not let it reach the root of the wisdom tooth is pulled out
  • Any debris or residue, at the sight of incision, if any is removed and the area is thoroughly cleaned.
  • As the final step, the wisdom tooth, is pulled out. In order to do this, the doctors grab the root of the growing tooth and pull it out from there.

All these steps are performed using clean and thoroughly sterilised equipments only. Since gums are a highly sensitive area of the mouth, they are also prone to bacteria and infections, so doctors have to work quickly and steadily so as to not let the sight of incision, which is considered an open wound, remain open and untreated for too long. After the tooth is removed, doctors apply pressure on the sight of incision, after cleaning it very well and with medical cleaners and then band aid it, to prevent the incision from coming into contact with open air and bacteria, till the time, the scar heals.

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