No To Disability Discrimination - All Are Equal!

No To Disability Discrimination – All Are Equal!

Not all people are born healthy. Some are born with a disability, while others got the condition after encountering an accident. Well, nobody can say that these people can’t perform their usual activities, due to the injury or disability caused by the accident or of the in-born condition.

LDN London emphasizes that learning disabilities are valued and must not be discriminated against. They may not be capable of doing the usual activities they use to work with, but sooner or later, they can recover. It is why the life support team encourages people with disabilities to stay positive and focus on good things.

Who are they?

They are a life support team that encourages disabled people to help themselves recover from the worst nightmare of pitying themselves due to their condition. Still, they can do the usual things and activities they were busy with the right support team.

The learning disability network was formerly the Westminster Society, an award-winning charity that provides services for people with several learning disabilities, including their families. The team supports families or people with disability, including:

  • People with complex needs
  • Profound and multiple disabilities

Disability assessment is not just the only focus of the team but they also put focus on encouraging family relationships.


LDN London

Work with them

As a volunteer, you are welcome to help them with all your willingness. The team accepts suggestions and recommendations when it comes to helping people with disabilities. These people must be treated well and fairly. As a citizen of the nation, disabled or not, you are accepted. Thus, the team is encouraging people to help them with their vision.

Promoting a healthy and happy life is what they want to deliver to these people. The charity works they do includes street children who have been abandoned by their irresponsible parents. There are also children who already have deceased parents who are encouraged to never lose hope and still aim for a bright future.

Offering old-age care

Yes, one of the most common problems in society is the old people. These are senior citizens who need care, especially those who have busy families. These people can no longer provide care to their oldies. So, they prefer to have them cared for by the life support team.

The team doesn’t just encourage young people with disabilities, but also senior citizens. These people will be given some activities to make them feel physically and mentally fit, without thinking of their age. Yes, these people need care and only the team can provide it.

Taking good care of senior citizens and people with disabilities may not be easy, but the team accepts the challenge because they are specializing in the field. They don’t see this as a job or work, instead, they consider it as their passion – to promote equality.

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